Obiter Dictum: Digressions by bc smith


bc smith is 16 yrs. old. bc smith is well beyond his years. bc smith wants you to know that he is fine and that everything will be okay. bc smith is not a genius. bc smith is not impressed by your wisdom. bc smith is pissed off. bc smith will strike a match and set fire to your ignorance. bc smith is the voice of our youth.

This is his monthly column...

You give me drugs so I can forget you (and the problems that coincide).

and we pretend all night. and we further disguise our already poorly masked uneasiness. and we pretend to not notice that large pink animal with a trunk sitting as the centerpiece of the table separating all of us from one another. and we paint our screams with streaks of forced laughter; and our arms are tiredfrom spending so long beating around the bush. and rather than face the truth,
avoid all eye contact with the overtly obvious. and id really like to just get
out and say it but weve already talked long enough for one day.

its those strange hours after that uncomfortable talk. its that breeze of awkward. its the lies we breed that breathe down my neck and whisper in my ear. its what im dying to ignore and were doing the best we can. its why I want to die and why you want the same. its the grass color that we can't manipulate,
the name we refer to it by. its because green is still green even when you call it red. its us trying to escape the truth and weve run too far and done no good.

because im trying the best I can to be quiet. because I know every word Ill utter will be the epitome of inappropriate. because all ground is sacred and all
territory private; all waters best left un-tread. because it scares us to think that someone could point out the apparent with the blink of an eye.

so i wish I could walk home, but at least were in different cars. so i play music contradicting my mood to fake an uncaring face. so i propose a toast to
men and women who have ruined this night and cluttered my life with an abundance
of emotional retardation. so I will say this, I will say we may live to seetomorrow.

but tomorrow couldn't come at a worse time.