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We want to publish your words ...

Anthills is a biannual magazine wherein words are published in the form of
poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, whatever. If its good, well put it in.
Whats good? Well, thats the question, isnt it?

Anything that touches us at Centennial Press. Anything that speaks to us.
Anything that kicks our ass. There are no restrictions, however we do try to
away from rhyming poetry. But hey, if it rhymes and its good its got a home
in Anthills.

Send all submissions to If you send your work as an
attachment, please be sure to include all attachments in the body of the e-mail
as well. If you prefer to send submissions snail mail, send to Centennial Press,
P.O. Box 170322, Milwaukee, WI, 53217-8026.

Deadlines are: April 1 (spring issue) and October 1 (fall issue)